About Us

Aloe is a Vancouver-based landscape design & installation studio specializing in great outdoor spaces — be it a home, a business, or little places in-between.

About Us

Aloe is a Vancouver-based landscape design & installation studio specializing in great outdoor spaces — be it a home, a business, or little places in-between.

About Us

Aloe is a Vancouver-based landscape design & installation studio specializing in great outdoor spaces — be it a home, a business, or little places in-between.

Our Start

We were raised by gardens.

Having spent the bulk of our lives outside, playing in the dirt and making things, we get it. We get that everything is connected. That bees matter. That the wind can be both a friend and a foe at times. We get that thoughtful design makes a difference — that your garden is your outdoor living room, full of life (people, plants, bugs & birds) and the easy breezy-ness of everyone’s favourite season — summer.

Tranquil, dynamic, ever-changing, inspiring — gardens make life better.


Our approach is simply our promise:
How do we create a (Great) Life Outside?

Our Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Listen and understand your needs, and dreams.
  • Collaborate (work together) through the entire process.
  • Design something that’s easy to love.
  • Be practical when we need to be. Go big when we can.
  • Source locally, plant intelligently, and be mindful of the natural process and how we can improve it.
  • Make it fun – because it is fun.

Our Team

Aloe is an eclectic, creative, hard-working bunch driven by real skills and pure passion. Together, we are craftspeople, designers, and sharp project managers with a collective passion for one thing — great gardens and outdoor spaces. Meet the team below.

Ryan Campbell

Ryan is a master installer and woodworker. A lover of plants, guitar, and mixology, his creative muscle goes far beyond the garden. Naturally, he’s a fun guy to have around the yard.


Gwen Polivka

A Designer and lead Project Manager, Gwen not only ensures projects move smoothly, but is a delight to work with. Truly passionate about landscape design, she approaches each garden as if it were her own. Gwen works beautifully with colour, enhancing the property’s palette, and is diligent about placing the right plant, in the right place, to ensure it thrives.

Keegan Kent

Aloe’s inspiring Landscape Architect is experienced in designing across the spectrum from private residential to high density developments. We are yet to find a project to ruffle his smooth design vibe as he brings a heap of knowledge, style, and enjoyment to each project he works on.


Caitlin Black

Partner and Head of Design, Caitlin’s passion for crafting outdoor living spaces that are tranquil, inspiring and reflective of the people that use them, sets her apart. Always beautiful, often sustainable, her gardens are all unique, magnetic places.

Laura Gorry

Raised on a farm in Oxford, England, Laura is a skilled draftsperson and detailed designer. Consistently a step-ahead, Laura brings her English sensibilities and unique design eye to every project.


Owen Black

Partner and Head of Installations, Owen is a highly experienced landscaper, carpenter, plantsman and designer. A consistent learner, Owen is on top of new theory and trends in landscape design, specifically all things Pacific Northwest. He loves working the land, even in the rain.

Seen & Heard

The shades of green and judicious use of colour, the subtle topographical changes to the site, the overall design, and the great care taken with installation and the choice of plantings are all a testament to the high quality aspired to and achieved. Les Mackoff

My husband and I are thrilled with the vision, professionalism and value provided by Aloe Design. They worked within our budget to create an outdoor space that not only looks fabulous, but requires minimal maintenance. I would highly recommend both their design and installation services. Jen Hannay

We have worked together with Aloe on several projects. Their landscape designs are a great compliment to our modern homes. We recommend them wholeheartedly. Scott Posno, Scott Posno Design

Aloe is an organized team of professionals, who consistently produces progressive landscape ideas and designs. Mike Wood, Atmosphere Landscape Lighting

Aloe Design has been a trusted collaborator for Project 22. They conceptually understand the work we do and continue along the same vein with our clients. Its always comforting to know they are working on our projects. Denise Ashmore, Project 22

Their designs are modern, well thought out and based on great horticultural practice and ethical standards. We’d recommend them to anyone. Todd Holloway, Pot Inc.

Caitlin was so attentive and knowledgable in our initial design meetings and nailed our aesthetic in her design plan, all within budget. Owen and his team were wonderful during the install – friendly, professional and reliable. And we couldn’t be happier with the results! Rachel Shamash

They redesigned both our front and back yards and created a beautiful, low maintenance environment for my family. We love it! Chloe Gow-Jarret

Four years later the space is more beautiful than ever. Gary Mahler

I wish all of our purveyors were as easy to work with as Aloe. Goals are provided and explained clearly in advance – complete with costing information and options – as well as client-considered, experience-driven recommendations. Aloe’s work is done promptly and with great care and accountability. Jame Iranzad

From start to finish Aloe was fantastic to work with. The design team took our rough ideas and designed an outdoor living space that our family is thrilled with. The install crew not only worked feverishly to complete our project on time and on budget, they were very pleasant to deal with and always warm. Greg Gillingham

These guys get modern gardens and are great partners when creating landscapes that bring a sense of the garden into the home. Clint Cuddington, Measured Architecture

From the design phase through to the installation, it was clear from their attention to detail and professionalism that Owen and Caitlin truly love what they do. The project went flawlessly, and was completed on schedule and on budget. Andrew Thompson

Aloe gave us a beautiful, highly functioning garden for our family. We can’t recommend them enough – we love our new outdoor space! Hayley MacDougal

Aloe understands the architectural gestalt of the project, giving them the ability to create a sympathetic integration of landscape and architecture. They have a keen eye for plant selection that works in conjunction with the building, the climate and the client. Patrick Powers, Powers Construction